As a fellow musician, I know that there is no rush greater than the one we feel when we share our music with others. Whether it’s for family and friends, a small coffee shop open mic, or for a stadium full of people, we always want to give our best to our audience. So how exactlydoyou nail a performance? How do you ensure that your big night goes even better than planned?

Well, there’s definitely no scientific formula for a great gig. But never fear! I’m here to give you some tips to make sure your gig goes perfectly.
  1. Practice makes perfect
    我知道我知道;您已经听到了很多消息,只要阅读它就会流血。但是练习真的doesmake perfect. If you want to blow your audience away, you’re going to have to be as comfortable with the music as possible and that kind of comfort only comes with practice. Practicing good vocal and/ or instrumental technique can also prevent injury and help you sound your best. And if you真的想给您的观众留下深刻的印象,练习太多以至于您记住音乐(前提是您没有在交响曲或其他东西中演奏)!

  2. 照顾好自己

  3. 录制自己并播放
    当您制作音乐时,通常很难听到您的实际听起来。为了确保自己朝着正确的方向前进(或听到需要更多练习的地方)设置一个麦克风来录制自己的比赛。确保不要将麦克风放在离您太近或太远的地方,以免扭曲声音。同样,麦克风的质量对于尽可能逼真的播放很重要。我推荐一个蓝色雪球microphone. I have one myself and it works great. Get it from Amazon这里.

    Afterwards, listen to the recording and take notes--what did you like? What didn’t you like? Use these notes to better target your next rehearsal. Hopefully by your performance date, you’ll play back a performance of which you can be proud.

  4. 提前进入空间
    The layout of a room is, of course, important for acoustics and electrical setup. But unfamiliarity with a performance space can actually add to a musician’s anxiety levels before and while performing. To prevent normal pre-show nerves from turning into stage fright jitters, visit your performance space ahead of time if you can. Get a feel for the room and the stage; knowing your space will make you feel much better come performance day.

  5. 无论多么小,都要认真对待演出。

  6. Make sure you’re performing with people, who take this just as seriously as you do
    One day, you and your friends have this AMAZING jam session, and then, somebody finally says it:
    How fun would that be? Performing with your friends sounds like a great idea... At first glance. Now, I’m not saying that friends don’t make good bandmates. However, if the only reason your friends are in your band is to socialize, rehearsals may consist of more leisure than music, which may lead to less than perfect performances.
    So, if you decide to start a band with all your friends, good for you! Just make sure they are just as committed to the cause as you are.

  7. Be kind
    Tony nominee, Rob McClure, an alum from my high school, spoke at our senior awards dinner years ago. His one piece of advice to all the graduating seniors was: be kind. Be kind to the backstage crew; sound engineers can make you sound great or awful and roadies can either care for or ruin your equipment. Be kind to your fans; maybe you aren’t being stalked by the paparazzi, but there may be some people who will want your picture after the show. Say yes, no matter how tired you are; your audience is why you have gigs at all! Being kind will leave people with good impressions of you and, therefore, your show!

  8. Be early

  9. Do a sound check and take pictures of your settings
    Once, at an open mic night, my bandmate meticulously set the sound board to our settings before our performance. However, we were not the first band to play that night, so when we got on stage to set up, all of our settings were gone! After that experience, we always take pictures of the sound board after we set it, so that it will be easy to set it back after other bands have changed it.

  10. 始终热身调整
    跳过热身会给歌手造成声音伤害,并为音乐家造成手动伤害。即使您那天早些时候只是弹奏乐器,也始终在演出之前收听。上帝禁止您发现您的乐器不合时宜whileyou’re already performing. As they say, better safe than sorry.

  11. Be wary about trying things you never practiced

  12. Transport your instruments properly
    You won’t be able to perform at all if your instruments and equipment get destroyed on your way to the gig. For protection, especially on tours or long distance travel, invest in a high quality case. It will give you peace of mind while traveling and ensure that your instruments and equipment survives the trip safe and sound. I would recommend TANK cases; you can get these at Cases by Source这里.

And here's a bonus tip:have funMaking music is, above all, about having fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself, your audience won’t be either. So let loose and have a blast! That’s what music is for, after all.


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