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塑料Presentation EuroCase (100 pcs per lot)

塑料Presentation EuroCase (100 pcs per lot)
塑料Presentation EuroCase (100 pcs per lot) 塑料Presentation EuroCase (100 pcs per lot) 塑料呈现欧洲焦酶(每批100 pcs) - 替代2 塑料呈现欧洲焦酶(每批100 pcs) - 替代3 塑料呈现欧洲焦酶(每批100 pcs) - 替代4 塑料呈现欧洲焦酶(每批100 pcs) - 替代5 塑料呈现欧洲焦酶(每批100 pcs) - 替代6
Interior:4.13 x 1.5 x 0.88
Exterior:4.25 x 1.63 x 1


• Rubberized finish: varies by case
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Part Number:EU411


塑料Presentation EuroCase (100 pcs per lot)

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Inch |毫米
Part No. EU411
产品名称 塑料Presentation EuroCase (100 pcs per lot)
Interior Length 4.13
内部宽度 1.50
内部高度 0.88
Lid Height 0.50
基础高度 0.38
Exterior Length 4.25
外部宽度 1.63
外部高度 1.00
Material High Impact Styrene
Manufacturing Process Injection Molded
Interior Empty
Color Black
防水性 未指定
Hinges 塑料hinge
闩锁 塑料catch
Weight 0.09
Special Features Cost-effective injection molded case
Great box for protection and presentation of tools, writing instruments, pens, knives, flashlights, eyewear, cosmetics, personal care products and hearing aids
High Impact Styrene (HIS) construction
Great surface for imprinting and branding


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